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by admin on May 23, 2011

Lynn asks…

Acne scars/ pock marks. Treatments and fading on own?

I had a nasty breakout a month or so ago and have about five medium pock marks… right in between my eyes / on my forehead. Of course it’s my own fault for picking… so anyone who’s going to tell me “don’t pick” – save your breath. I’m just wondering (from people with experience) if these marks will diminish over time (my derm said skin can take up to two years to fully recover??) or if there are any treatments that are truly permanent fixes. I don’t want to spend money on something that just has temporary results. The marks aren’t too discolored anymore, just indented skin resembling my chicken pox scars.

Also… if anyone has any tips for disguising these marks without a TON of make up…. appreciated.
Just to restate… I’m looking for more personal experience… i’ve read basically everything on google.

admin answers:

Well i HAD scars on my face and i used to have so many chicken pox scars but there not noticable now that i have used bio-oil

remeber scars will never fully disapear inless lasered ,
for info

Bob asks…

Are there any treatments for removing pock marks from chicken pox and acne?

Either creams or more involved dermatological treatments. Anything that may work. I have a friend getting married and she is looking for something that may help look her best on her big day. Thanks!

admin answers:

Micro-dermabrasion and/or chemical peels can help remove scars. I wouldn’t waste my time or money on over the counter treatments. Only a dermatologist is going to be able to help.

Joseph asks…

Treatment of RAISED acne scars and left over red marks??

I had awful nodular acne for a while a little less than a year ago. The worse part was right along my jaw line, where you couldnt even notice a single pimple, it was just one on top of the other that never went away. I honestly never wanted to leave the house.

I finally had to take accutane and my acne is gone, but now of course i have scars. I dont really have pock mark scars, but redness and raised scars. I know that scars fade over time but I have these raised scars along my jaw line that i dont see ever completely fading away! Theyre definately obvious and i cant just hide them with makeup because even though their the same color as my skin, there raised up a lot.

I am unbeleivably grateful that my acne is gone, but I want to help get rid of these raised scars. Ive tried microderm and peels, doesnt really do anything. Im not looking for an immediate fix, but something that will at least speed the process along a little? And i dont want to go as far as laser treatment.
Please be considerate. Serious answers only. Thanks

admin answers:

Apply Contractubex. Its an ointment for scars. It usually is prescibed for hypertrophic and keloidal scars but it would also work for small scars. I used it for my chikenpox marks coz i had it when i was 21. The marks went away. Its really good.

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